About Me

Professional background

I’ve been:
A “stranger in a strange land” teaching English in Japan.
A passionate maths teacher.
A respected and sought-after Local Authority teaching and learning consultant.
A creative Senior Leader in a challenging school.

The consistent theme in all this, and the bit that I am best at, is creating change…so I made it official.

I trained with the Centre for Coaching in London who have pioneered the development of evidence-based coaching.

Training, Qualifications and Accreditation

Having trained and qualified as a coach at the Centre for Coaching I am also accredited with the Association for Coaching.

Coaching Qualifications include
  • Advanced Diploma in Coaching Accredited by the Association for Coaching
  • ILM Approved Advanced Coaching Development Programme
  • Certificates in Coaching, Stress Management & Performance Coaching and Psychological Coaching
  • Primary Certificates in Stress Management, Performance Coaching, and Assertion & Communication Skills Training

I am accredited and registered with the Association for Coaching and work to their Competency Framework and Code of Ethics. In part this includes:

  • Having regular supervision with an experienced Coaching Psychologist
  • Attending monthly co-coaching sessions with the Association for Coaching, exploring coaching theory and its application with other coaches as well as developing our skills through peer observation and feedback
  • Continuing to undertake formal training to deepen my knowledge and understanding

There is more information about accreditation and the Competency Framework and Code of Ethics here.

What else?

I’m learning to ballroom dance, I like to go for (very flat) walks that end in a cappuccino and a cake, and I love to travel to places that give me goose bumps.
I live in Bradford with my husband, Gurinder, applying cognitive behaviour strategies to my life.

Get in touch

If you would like to talk to me about creating changes in your thinking and behaviour so that you can finally do things the way you want to do them, get in touch.